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Three-Layer 3 Carat Diamond Ring

Three-Layer 3 Carat Diamond Ring

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This Three-Layer 3Ct Moissanite Diamond engagement ring is also an engagement announcement, because this astonishing 3 carat moissanite is unmissable! Otherworldly sparkle and crystal clear color, the round brilliant cut makes it shine like the moon. Framed with a hand-formed light hammered halo, it glows. Set on a warm 18k Platinum band, which is hand-hammered for a soft luster. This ring is the kind of celestial event you stay up late for, walking outside hand in hand long after midnight together, watching the skies above.

  • Custom Made
  • 3ct Three Layer Moissanite Engagement Ring
  • Hammered Halo 18k Platinum Plated
  • 3ct Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite 925 silver gilt
  • 6 Prong Basket setting 
  • Hammered 1.5mm Band 
  • Weight: 0.16 oz (4.5 g)
Product measurements:
  • 5: Circumference 2 in
  • 6: Circumference 2.1 in
  • 7: Circumference 2.2 in
  • 8: Circumference 2.3 in
  • 8.5: Circumference 2.3 in

Each moissanite jewelry above 0.3 carat is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and a Limited Warranty Card with Gemological Research Association (GRA).

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