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24 Inch Lace Front Wig

24 Inch Lace Front Wig

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  • Lace Front
  • Imported
  • 150% Density
  • 24" Long Length
  • Lace size: 13*2 in
  • Heat Safe (302° f)
  • Wave Hair Texture
  • Cap Feature Included
Tips to take care of your hair and knots:

    1. Use sulfate-free shampoo.

    2. Use a good detangling conditioner, with a proper brush start at the ends, and work your way up. Sectioning helps!

    3. Deep conditioner at least 1x month.

    4. If natural, twist, braid, or do a ponytail, if relaxed wrap or ponytail, and then use a silk scarf or bonnet to sleep, or a satin pillowcase. Let’s keep moisture on our hair!

    5. Treat your scalp, it's accessible so take advantage of it.

    6. Do not abuse hot tools and apply heat protectants before using them. 7. Be gentle, even though knots are tight, remember this is manual work, the gentler you are while brushing and styling the more it will last and prevent breakage.

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